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from Connoisseur Gold. We also stock a range of Edible Silver in Leaf, Flakes, Dust and Petals. Champagne with Gold Flakes.
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Hints & Tips

Edible gold leaf has been used for centuries by the rich and wealthy. Italian nobility dined on risotto with edible gold leaf during the sixteenth century. The Elizabethans eat sweets and fruits covered in edible gold leaf, while Japanese had it sprinkled into Sake.

Today it has become more affordable and can be used from that first welcome cocktail drink to the final cheese board. So why not dazzle your friends at your next dinner party, or even your partner with a romantic meal for 2.

Why not give it as a dinner party present in place of flowers or candles. What could be nicer then to give our gift wrapped shaker gold dust, so your host can sprinkle it directly onto the 1st course to add that WOW factor. Edible Gold & Silver Leaf is tasteless and odourless so it won’t affect the most delicate dish. It has been deemed safe by the European Trade (EU) for human consumption. It is suitable for all religious groups, vegetarians and vegans.

Edible Gold and Silver can be purchased in 4 formats, leaf, petals, flakes and dust.

Edible Gold Leaf Booklets are whole sheets which are available in 2 sizes, 80 x 80 mm and usually used if covering large areas (i.e. poultry, wedding cakes) and 50 x 50 mm for smaller areas. Edible Silver Leaf is only available in 80 x 80 mm sheets. Booklets are available in Loose or Transfer, for more information see FAQ. Leaf cannot be handled,as it would stick to the warmth of you hand. It must be used with a special brush, tip or tweezers (see tools).

Edible Gold & Silver Petals are random shapes measuring approx 8-10mm and are supplied in a jar/box with tweezers for easy use. Petals again cannot be handled and must be placed onto the surface with tweezers (supplied) or brush.

Edible Gold & Silver Flakes are random shapes measuring approx 2-4mm again supplied in a jar/box with tweezers for easy use. Flakes again cannot be handled and must be placed onto the surface with tweezers (supplied) or brush

Edible Gold & Silver Dust are random shapes measuring less than 1mm and supplied in a shaker box/jar. This is the most easiest to use as it can be sprinkled directly on any food or beverage..

Edible Gold and Silver are natural metals and therefore not suitable for microwave use

Please refer to our Recipes for more ideas or click here for even more ideas.