The Golden Cristal Ube Donut was created by Björn DelaCruz, owner of the Manila Social Club, who came up with the idea as a limited-edition special. Björn’s lavish creation proved so popular however that he has now made it a permanent fixture on the Filipino restaurant’s menu.  The donut is filled with an ube, or purple yam, mousse, flavored with Cristal Champagne to add ‘honey’ notes, and then covered in 24ct gold

 Decadent dessert: Williamsburg-based chef Björn DelaCruz, co-owner of the Manila Social Club restaurant, has created a $100 gold leaf and champagne donut, christened the Golden Cristal Ube Donut

‘The reason that gold leaf and Cristal were added was because I love all different champagnes,’ Björn told First We Feast.

‘I wanted to add something [to the menu] for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going. I didn’t know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time! But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down [over a] grand for a dozen donuts.’

And while the initial concept of the donut was thought-up as part of a one-time special, Björn insists that using the over-the-top ingredients was never intended as a gimmick, but rather as a means of ensuring the sweet treat contained only the finest – and most unique – flavours.

‘The reason I chose Cristal over another type of champagne is because Cristal has really great honey notes which goes great with ube,’ he added to First We Feast.