Who could ever image you could eat gold which is both odourless and tasteless!!

However Edible Gold has been used since 2000bc during the ancient Egyptians time, Faros glittered banquets with gold to prove they status, whereas Emperors in China & Japan decorated they food and drink to note long life and wealth.

Connoisseur Gold is proud to supply major supermarkets, Sainsbury & Waitrose with Edible Gold Leaf, in booklet of 2 sheets 50 x 50 mm which can be found in their Bakery Department.

Connoisseur Gold is no stranger to household names, supplying larger sized Edible Gold Leaf 80 x 80 mm to 3* Michelin Stars Chefs , Michel Roux Jr, Raymond Blanc, Stefan Gates and of course Alchemist Heston Blumenthal for the famous gilded gold watch in the mock turtle soup.

Edible Gold Leaf has been more affordable by Connoisseur Gold , who also supply Restaurant Chain like San Carlo, Cicchetti and Shakeway Milkshakes for their millionaire Milkshake.

Connoisseur Gold ships Edible Gold Leaf, Dust, Flakes & Petals worldwide, as far as Australia, America and Europe.

Connoisseur Gold has bespoke customers. World Gold Council for a promotion with a sample jar of Edible Gold Leaf Petals which is used worldwide. Paradigm Partners LLP had a lavish themed Gold dinner dance we supplied the Goodie Bags with Edible Gold Leaf. The Madarin Hotel sent Edible Gold Leaf flakes with their invitations for the Opening of they new hotel, guests took the edible gold leaf flakes on the opening night to put in they own champagne on arrival.

Connoisseur Gold can add sparkle to your Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Special Birthday or a Valentine romantic dinner. Just add a pinch of Edible Gold Leaf Flakes to your Champagne or dish for your guests to always remember.

Edible Gold Leaf E175 is a natural metal food additive approved by the European Union (EU) It is used as a colouring agent in food and drink products. Origin of natural metal. There are no dietary restrictions and can be consumed by all religious group, vegetarians and vegans.