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Case Studies

  1. Chocolate Torte topped with mixed berries and 24ct gold Leaf

    Chocolate Torte with mixed berries topped with Connoisseur Gold's 24ct Gold Leaf ,which can be found on our website 




  2. Steak, Lobster , Foie Gras topped with 24ct Gold Leaf

    Steak, lobster, foie gras, black truffles, trumpet mushrooms & cheese, topped with real 24ct gold leaf , which can be found on the Connoisseur Gold website


  3. Fruit Tart Topped with Edible Gold Leaf

    Fruit Tart containing Strawberries, blueberries and Kiwi topped with Connoisseur Gold’s edible gold Leaf Which Can be found on our Website.


  4. The World’s most expensive valentine’s Day Menu

    The world's most expensive Valentine’s Day menu has been unveiled, with the extravagant dinner costing a stomach-churning £61,000.

    It comes with white caviar , Natives South Sea oysters including pearls , truffles , gold leaf and silver leaf which can be found on Connoisseur Gold’s website.




  5. 23ct Edible Loose Leaf - Split Leaves

    Book of 25 leaves, each leaf is split or mis-shaped and so we are offering at a discounted price of £11.95



  6. Valentines Day Gift Set

    Treat your loved one on Valentines Day with our special Valentines Gift Set at £30.95 (excl VAT)


    Follow our suggestions below for an unforgettable evening or as a special gift to someone special


    23ct Edible 100 mg Gold Flakes Sprinkle into champagne

    23ct Edible 100mg Gold Petals to garnish main course, for the extra WOW factor

    25 edible Silver leaf sheets 80 x 80 to decorate that delicious chocolate cake or pudding

    6 Chocolate Hearts (may vary) serve with coffee or liqueur

    Tweezers to help apply edible gold & Silver.


    Sheer luxury and simply perfect for Valentines Dinner, Connoisseur Gold puts that extra special touch of class to your food and beverages.


    Edible Gold (E175) and Edible Silver (E174) has no flavour and is feather-light, so can be used on sweet and savoury food or floated in drinks as it is a natural food additive approved by the European Union.  This can also be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.


  7. Strawberry Mousse topped with Edible Gold

    Strawberry Mousse topped with Edible Gold Leaf , which can be found on our website



  8. tuna topped with edible gold and silver dust

     Tuna Sashimi topped with both Edible Gold and Edible Silver Dust , which can be found on our website.




  9. Chocolate Panna Cotta topped with Edible Gold

    Chocolate Panna Cotta milk chocolate with Orange  and cocoa topped with Edible Gold Leaf , which can be found on our website.



  10. January Special Offer